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"Proper nutrition, recovery and hydration are critical to any training program or active lifestyle. We have chosen our supplier-partners carefully. These are products that I use & personally believe in*. I think they can help you workout, train and recover better, and that's what it's all about. Choose wisely, check out our products, and do some additional research if you like. Once you decide that our products are right for you, we'd like to make it attractive and rewarding to do so." - John

JHPS Nutrition Kits

Available June 1, 2014

Best for Your Training Needs - Save Substantial $'s




  • Hydration and Recovery Kit



*Results for each customer can vary. JHPS makes no claims of specific benefits or results from using any nutritional product we offer.




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John's Nutrition Kit
  John's Nutrition Kit For your daily training-related nutrition needs!   ..
Nutrition Kit with Joint Support
Nutrition Kit with Joint Support To support joints and connective tissue throughout the body!..
Nutrition Kit with Prostate Support
Nutrition Kit with Prostate Support Full spectrum nutrition plus help in maintaining a health..
Nutrition Travel Kit
Nutrition Travel Kit For athletes on the go!   "If you are traveling for a race ..