JHPS Wheel & Tire Package Offer 2015
What's better than getting a pair of super fast wheels?...FREE Tires!!! (with Wheel Set Purchase on Selected Models through 12/31/15) AND FREE SHIPPING!!
   Here's the offer:
  • Order any set of qualifying  wheels and you can choose from any of our tire and tube packages. These packages are only available with purchase of selected  wheel sets! 
  • Qualifying Wheels:


              - Any Stinger, Jet or H3  Wheel Set 
              - Any Ardennes Wheel Set
              - Any Disc Wheel
         American Classic

             - Any Sprint 350, 420 Aero 3, Road Tubeless or Magnesium Clincher Wheel Set


  • Multiple tire brands and models available, including Vittoria, Continental and Hutchinson
  • Includes tubes and plastic rim strips (clincher tires)                                              
  • If you don't see a tire you like, email us and we'll see if we can get it for you!
  • Tubular Tires available
  • You will find the tires in the Tire Section of our FiTTE Shop. For tubular tire availability, email us. 
   Directions to receive tires:
  • Order your selected wheel
  • For Clincher Tires - Click 'Free Tires' selection box in selected wheel option section
  • For Tubular Tires - Email us for tire selection and availability (some Tubular tires in stock - others will be ordered)

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